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LUZARQ is a company specialized in Light Design, developing projects of technical and architectural lighting that will guarantee a solution adequate to its needs and available budget, always favoring the latest technologies and developments in the design of integrated lighting solutions.
Luzarq works closely with architectural and engineering offices so that the outcome of each project is to the full satisfaction of the client.

In our portfolio, projects for urban, hotel and restaurant rehabilitation projects, projects for commercial, sports and industrial infrastructures, projects for the education, health and other public services sectors, as well as projects for new residences or remodeling can be found.

What we do

Light Design
Trading of lighting solutions
Energy Consulting
Projects and technical direction of work
Partnerships with:

  • Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Promoters
  • Installers

How we do:

Through the use of the most current and appropriate technology in each case, we solve the technical problems of a highly demanding and specific lighting in:

  • Hospitality
  • Sports parks
  • Leisure
  • Monuments
  • Road
  • Work spaces
  • Trade
  • Residential


LUZARQ is the ideal partner for the development of technical, architectural or decorative lighting projects.

We know the latest technological developments.
We work with companies and products that give us the guarantee that what we propose will be as initially idealized.

Expert - but with a competitive price
Partners in the technical solution found
Partners on site - on-site support
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